Post # 5 – Be a REBBL!

By drinking REBBL tea, that is! There are many areas to get involved when it comes to human trafficking and slavery because there are needs in so many areas – intervention, restoration, advocacy, etc. One area that is essential to turning the tide is prevention. If we can’t keep people from becoming enslaved, this will always be an issue. One aspect of prevention is to address demand – reducing demand for cheap products that are only “cheap” because they cost a person in another country their freedom, reducing demand for sex-on-demand and sex with children, etc. But another piece of prevention is finding creative strategies to reduce the risk that someone may become enslaved or trafficked away from their home. I will write more on this in several different posts, but today I want to focus on one initiative that was launched in the summer of 2012.

Not For Sale (I will post more about them another day as well) decided to start looking into this idea of prevention. They identified an area in the Peruvian Amazon that had an especially high number of people that ended up enslaved and discovered that the area is also rich in some natural resources. After a brainstorming meeting to which 50 people from different careers and backgrounds were invited, a plan came together to launch a beverage company called REBBL – which stands for roots, extracts, berries, bark, and leaves. Here is one of the things I love about what they are doing – they did not set out to make a mediocre product with a great story that would compel people to buy it, even if it’s not that good. They set out to make THE best product they can, bringing in some leaders in the industry, that then coupled with a great cause, makes for a win-win all around. I was able to make a contribution to their initial start-up campaign and received several bottles of their first line of tea, Hibiscus Mint, in return. I will admit, I was skeptical. And then I had some. It is SO good! Seriously, I love this stuff! Right now, you can order it online. This year it is supposed to be coming out at places like Whole Foods, though I am not sure if that will be around the country or just certain markets. Keep your eyes open, because you are going to want to try this. I challenge you to order some online, as well.

Here is an article in Forbes magazine about REBBL, a follow-up to that article, and more about the journey to REBBL (including several short videos) on Causes.

Here is one of the initial videos trailers from this past summer.

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